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  Hello my slave & fetishist!

It's nice that you found me.

SM as a way of life, living oneself in a special, unconventional way. Often extravagant, always full of passion, creativity, and variety: I embody all of this with my entire personality, and nothing less is what you will find with me.

It's about togetherness for me, finding commonalities with you - things that we both enjoy, making everything around us forgotten.

That's why I'm very interested in what moves you, what needs to be unleashed. Transforming all your hidden desires, wishes, and fantasies into the perfect, exciting bizarre production:

That's exactly what you can expect under my direction.

Very quickly, you will notice that you can trust me completely. Unusual things in SM also excite me, not the everyday - this is where I derive special pleasure.

I like and appreciate indulging in sensual, soft fetishes with you just as much as I am capable of teaching you with sustainability and strictness, showing you your place far beneath me.

I, Luna May, am a versatile woman, authentic, direct, always consistent, and absolutely and totally in execution. I know exactly about my appearance, how much it arouses you, what my appealing exterior already does to you, and I like that. I will use you as I please and shape you, make you a submissive person devoted to me, penetrate deep into your lustful soul so that you forget everything around you. Your devotion and desire are my driving force.

My range in BDSM is broad, with me, you get what you deserve! Age and appearance, SM beginner, or connoisseur: None of it matters at all when you visit me. I want your willingness to fully engage with me. Show me my uniqueness, as your very personal dominant reference point, and you will never forget me.

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