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Anker 1

I am
Mistress Luna May


Professional dominatrix & fetishist
from Heidelberg!

As a femdom, I embody the classic, good values of BDSM and it is first your psyche that I will conquer and take complete ownership of. 

It is true, genuine submissiveness and unrestricted trust in me that I expect and demand from you. In my realm of dominance, I value people with a positive mindset. Only those who are willing to devotedly submit to my commands and explore the joy of doing so are
welcome to me. Respectful interaction forms the foundation of our journey together.

Are you ready for this? Do you want it? 

To find out more about me, click on the links below for my Interviews.

Follow me on Twitter bestfans,
to always stay up to date.

You can find me regularly to chat here:

I am regular

Please note that I am a “classic” dominatrix and therefore sexually unavailable.


Intimate contact 


Script scenarios

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